Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can I contact for immediate assistance?

You may email webinars@cleanpower.orgmembership@cleanpower.org, or conference@cleanpower.org for immediate assistance.

2. Do I need to download Flash for this site?

Due to recent updates to the Event Center platform no longer requires users to use Flash.  

3. How do I test my browser?

Test your browser by clicking here

4. Can I view the webinar on my mobile device?  

You may view the webinar using mobile devices. For Apple devices click here and for Android devices click here.

5. Make sure you have the latest version of your webinar browser.  

Outdated web browsers may prevent the webinar functions from working properly for live webinars as well as webinar recordings.  

6. Which browsers work best for the ACP webinars?

Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari are best for viewing the webinars. For more information about updating your browser click here.

7. Does my VPN connection or remote desktop connection affect my webinar viewing experience?

The use of these tools may cause the webinar to suddenly stop and start, as well as affect your ability to hear the speakers. If you experience repeated issues while being connected to your VPN or remote desktop, try disconnecting and then rejoining the webinar. 

8. My browser is showing cached versions of the site and not updating with my quiz or survey responses. What should I do?

Refresh your browser, by using the following tips: https://www.wikihow.com/Force-Refresh-in-Your-Internet-Browser